Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Is Upgrading Electric Service Needed For My Home?

Chicago homeowners are often confused when it comes to upgrading the electrical service of their residences. They are unable to decide whether to upgrade the service or not. However, if you happen to be one of these Chicago homeowners, then the write-up is for you. Below are few questions with answers. Read them in order to know whether upgrading the service is needed for your home or not.

What does your electrical panel service contain--Fuses or circuit breakers?

Before 1960s electrical panels in all homes contained fuses but nowadays circuit breakers have become the standard for electrical service panels.

Electrical panels are made in the same way regardless whether the panel uses circuit breakers or fuses. However, fuses have taken a bad rap. A larger fuse can replace a fuse of small size. For instance, a 20 amp fuse can be inserted to a 15 amp circuit. In that case, the circuit increases by 33% without any change in the size of the wire. But then again a fuse is always rated according to the size of the wire. So, fuse panels have become an electrical hazard. It would be a good idea to upgrade the current service to circuit breakers. Even at the time of home resale many insurance companies asks homeowners to replace fuses panels by a circuit breaker.

Upgrading the service to circuit breakers does not necessarily mean that you have to increase the amperage size. It is okay to replace a 100 amp circuit breaker with a 100 amp fuse panel. Just because the service is changing, it does not mean that the amp coming to the house should be increased.

What is the amperage size of your existing service?

An electrical service is measured in amps with standards being 200,150 and 100 for a home. Service voltage and service amperage is not the same. Your home may have 100 amp service and you may have no plans to add more electrical gadgets, then there is no need to increase the size of your existing service. Only if you plan to add electrical appliances like AC or electric heater in your home, then a service increase is essential. However, a calculation on the increase in amperage size demands for assistance from an electrical contractor.

Does your circuit breaker trip often?

If your answer is yes, do not increase the amperage size. An increase in the amp size will not stop the circuit breaker from tripping. An increase in the service will have no positive impact on the existing circuitry. A circuit breaker actually trips when the circuit amperage exceeds the size of the circuit breaker.

So, only if you need to increase the electric load of your home or the amperage size of your existing system, you can choose to go for upgrading the electrical service.

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Friday, August 31, 2012

When clearing out a garage..

Everyone usually needs to clear out their garage at least once a year, which can prove to be a daunting prospect if you're a bit of a hauler. A year's worth of clutter is never a nice sight, so you should always be looking give yourself a hand in preparation for the big clear out. Here are a few ways in which you can save a bit of time...


Jazzing up your garage walls should prove to be impossible, never mind ugly in appearance if you're working with a brick construction. No, the floor is where you want to be applying your coat. Dust tends to stick to old concrete after a period of time, while the particles that do stick are unlikely to be identified due to their greyish tones blending with the surface. Any object that comes into contact with a decaying surface is also likely to pick up a little excess dust - making you think twice when arranging your items. Sweeper-friendly concrete floor paint is therefore the ideal to solution to any problems that arise through cleaning. The smooth surface is perfect for any quick brush-ups, while selecting a colour will help you single-out any patches of dust.


Any small groups of clutter should find their way onto shelves rather than the floor. This means you'll have more room to work with when removing your lawnmower or car. Putting up a shelf is considered to be one of the most basic forms of DIY, with many going on to tackle other areas of their house once getting a taste for home improvement. So, why not take initiative and put them up yourself?


Limiting the amount of clutter that your garage shelters will always help you tidy when the time arrives. Rather than simply finding space for the items to go, you should look at relocating some of the items to suit their purpose. For instance, any books or boxes full of unused goods can go in the loft, while gardening equipment should always be stored in a shed. Soon enough, pockets of room will start to open up around your garage and, as the resident cleaner, you should be very thankful for the free space.

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Lighten up your lounge

There's nothing worse than trying to relax in a lounge that makes you feel anxious or depressed. Or entertain friends in one that prompts feelings of shame and embarrassment. Some rooms may be so absolutely unloved that they remain unused, which is a real shame, if not a waste of valuable space.

Homeowners may think a revamp is out of the question; that it could take too much time and money, but they might be surprised by the simple measures they can take to lighten up their lounge. Here are a few ideas that might prove inspirational:

Open up the windows

While we all like our privacy, net curtains are not only ugly and old fashioned, they really do stop a lot of light penetrating into a room, casting a depressing air throughout it. They don't allow fresh air to circulate as readily, making the room feel stuffy and the very thing they are designed to do - keep prying eyes out - fails when the living room lights are turned on at night.

Instead, consider removing nets and curtains altogether in favour for some internal shutters. These are not only a stylish alternative, but they allow as much light in as you wish while maintaining privacy. Without excessive swathes of material, your lounge will appear bigger and classily modernised.

Fresh start

Does your decor need some TLC? Dark colour schemes, over-bearing patterned wall paper, feature walls and freezes are so last decade. Plus they make a room feel closed in and small. The solution? A fresh lick of paint, naturally. Choose light, neutral colours that reflect the sunlight and make the room feel warm and welcoming. A blank canvas offers many more decorating possibilities than busy walls. You'll be able to add accents of colour in the form of cushions, rugs, vases and such like.


Too much 'stuff' can make some people feel claustrophobic and stressed, which is not ideal in your own home. Grab a cardboard box and start removing knick knacks, furniture and other unnecessary items from the room. Keep surfaces clear but for a plant or picture frame, keep it simple. You'll be amazed at how such a simple step can provide more room to breathe.

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Married life and the complexities of interior design conversations

Married life is full of tense conversations, but one topic that has become increasingly contested over the years is interior design.

Once upon a time a wife might have had the monopoly on what the house looked like, but with the rise of feminism and the metrosexuality of the modern male, the roles have become less clearly defined. When it comes to decorating a flat or house there can often be conflict as both sides might want to take the lead.

Just like any other part of marital disagreement, the key is to compromise and make sure that both sides have the chance to let their opinions be heard. However, one caveat is that a creative vision can be stronger when it is more singularly focused, so be sensible about when you insist on having input.

Sometimes it is better to let your husband or wife take the lead on a whole room, provided that you are allowed to take the reigns in another area.

Think about what you want

It is easy to just get frustrated that your partner is just doing everything and not asking for you to contribute, but you must also have some idea what you want to add to the room, so that when they ask you how you would change things, you have more to say than just, 'I don't know'.

The breadth of options available may feel overwhelming at first, but simply cut out pictures or save webpages of things you like the look of, or just write down the names of luxury additions you like the sound of, such as custom fireplace mantels or a particular piece of artwork. That way, you have a collection of sensible ideas to discuss with your partner.

Don't be petty

No matter how strong your relationship is, sometimes you will get into arguments - an interior design discussion may be one of those times. Rather than let it become a petty spat, try to stay calm and think about what the pair of you are trying to achieve. Taking a break or reframing the argument can help to offer fresh perspective.

Make your feelings clear

More than just staying calm, you need to communicate what it is that you want. This might sound easy, but if you do not know the right lingo then it can be tricky to describe what you mean. If you are stumbling over descriptions, then think about drawing sketches or cutting and pasting pictures from magazines. Anything to push your message across and help you achieve the home you want.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Looking after a leather sofa

There's nothing nicer than stopping for a coffee when you've been on your feet all day shopping. Sinking into a comfy seat to catch your breath is exceedingly appealing - so it's little wonder that whenever you go to caf├ęs and coffee shops, every single leather sofa will probably be occupied.]


Your leather sofa has probably already revealed itself to be a good investment. Leather, rather than a cheaper PVC mix, is long-lasting and durable - much more appropriate for a busy establishment. How can you look after your leather sofas to ensure that they do provide long-term value and won't require replacing?

Firstly, you should 'plump' and turn the cushions at least once a day, to even out the wear and try to prevent permanent creases forming. Vacuum out all the crumbs, as this isn't particularly attractive for the next customer and could discolour the leather. If possible, keep your sofas away from the window, as direct sunlight can fade the material.

Ensure that spills are cleaned up as quickly as possible, blotting with a clean and dry white cloth. Blotting will help you to contain and not spread the spill. Try to avoid using any kind of detergent and refer to the manufacturers' guidance. If this is not sufficient, you may need to have the sofa professionally cleaned.

It's worth remembering that leather is a natural, absorbent product, so oils or perspiration from customers' bare arms and legs could stain it. Therefore, use a leather protective cream when the sofa is brand new, then again about once every three months. You may be able to remove an biro ink stains with a special 'ink remover' but again, check your care instructions first or consult a professional.

Admittedly, it's difficult to keep your furniture in top condition when it's being used by so many different people each day, but follow these tips and you should be able to extend the life of your leather sofa.

David Jonson is a interior decorate consultant. He gives some tips through his content. In this content he wants to provide you with more tips and design ideas to beautify restaurant furniture in your restaurant. He also suggests you to visit Trent Pottery this page for more about restaurant furniture.

Office lighting – is there anything more important?

Office lighting – is there anything more important?

Office lighting – is there anything more important?

The lighting might not necessarily be your first consideration when it comes to designing the perfect office. However, it certainly should be an important consideration for business owners to make for a numbers of reasons.
Architects should do their best to design a building so that as much natural light can be let in as possible. After all, sunlight can trigger feel-good hormones like serotonin, leading to a happier and hopefully more productive workforce. Natural light from windows is the best option on most occasions, if available.
However, it is still important to add quality office lighting in all rooms so that the building can be safely accessed during the night.
Most workers would prefer to work in a well-lit environment. Rooms which aren’t well-lit tend to appear gloomy and staff forced to work there could experience a drop in morale as a result. There is also a health and safety risk, especially to eyesight if staff are working on computers in poorly-lit rooms. Employees will also be less able to spot hazards in a poorly-lit room and might be able to sue their employer if they injure themselves on a hazard as a result.

Of course, rooms with lights that are too bright could distract workers even more. Bright lights which shine directly in workers eyes can also be a health and safety risk and can cost employers a fair amount in electricity.
One consideration to remember about office lighting is that eventually the bulb will need to be replaced. Bosses must ensure that they have the expertise and the equipment available to replace broken lightbulbs safely and efficiently. Flickering lights or broken lights can prove extremely irritating in an office environment and should be replaced as soon as possible. Many will let a facilities management company handle the maintenance of equipment such as lighting.
Those who handle the running of their essential office facilities well will be more likely to create an engaged workforce who are happy and comfortable working in their office every single day.
It is for this reason why the choice of office lighting could be a more important decision than most business owners realise.